5 Lies Most Tall Girls Believe

Tall Girls Heels

Most tall girls have always shied away from wearing high heels simply because other people have somehow managed to make them believe that only short or medium heighted people can rock those types of shoes.  While heels might have been created initially to add some height for the vertically challenged, but over the decades, high heels have taken on a completely new purpose.  Heels make a woman’s gait more attractive, help her legs look longer and allow her walk to become more feminine.

Here are some myths tall girls have believed for far too long.

  1. I will look too tall

There is nothing wrong with standing out from the crowd (in a good way, of course).  Tall ladies get the attention of the entire room as they enter it and it commands respect.  You don’t have to wear 6 inch heels right away but find what suits you the best.  Take baby steps, such as wearing 1-2 inch platform heels or wedges to give you a confidence boost first.  You will then slowly ease into the idea of being comfortable with heels.

Remember, you can never be too tall because there will always be someone taller than you.

  1. Heels can never be my style

Just because you are 5’10 and above does not mean you can’t have the fun that wearing a gorgeous pair of high heels brings, does it?  You don’t have to stick to a particular style of dressing just because you are a certain body type.  Explore and experiment with different styles as that will help you to develop your own personal style.


  1. I’m already tall, people will think I’m trying to get more attention

Girl, if you are tall, you will get attention even if you don’t wear heels, so might as well own it and embrace it.  Enjoy yourself and rock those heels as much as you can.  Don’t let what people will or won’t think stop you from wearing high heels.


  1. Being too tall makes women look masculine so heels are a no-no for me

Femininity doesn’t lie in height; it lies in the energy of a woman.  You can be tall and feminine at the same time because there is no correlation between the two.  A woman is defined by her curves, her look, her voice and her behavior.  Don’t let other people’s opinions and insecurities about your height deter you from strutting fabulously in heels.


  1. People will stare at me

They won’t stare at you for being the strange tall girl who has the audacity for wearing heels and becoming even taller.  They are staring at you because of your statuesque figure and the confidence you have for pulling off those heels.  Absorb those stares and bathe in the glory of your height.


So there you have it, chuck these 5 thoughts out the window and wow people by walking in heels.

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