6 Ways to Revamp Your Old Heels

Tired of your old pair of pumps but don’t want to throw them away just yet? They’re functional still, sure, but they look worn and out of style. Not to worry, because there are numerous ways you can have them looking like a brand new pair!

Comic Book Heels

This idea will convert your old heels into a fun, quirky pair of shoes that will turn heads. It’s great for pairing with a superhero costume at a costume party, or just expressing your love for the Avengers or Justice League. Some comic books will have to be sacrificed for this. Cut them up into small pieces, ideally triangular ones. For this endeavor, you’re going to need Mod Podge, or any other handy crafting supply to glue the strips to your pumps. After cleaning the shoes and applying the glue and comic book pieces, use a sealant to give it a nice finish.

Glitter Girl Pumps

With a little creativity, crafting glue, and a whole lot of glitter, you can have any old pair of fabric pumps looking glam in no time. Work in sections, coating the shoe in glue and then shaking on the glitter steadily.

Paint the Toes

If the toe part of your stilettos looks worn around the edges, you can paint over them! Choose a different but complementary color from the original color. Get a tube of acrylic paint in your preferred color as well as in white. With masking tape, cordon off the toe area to make it an even paint job. After applying a coat of white paint and letting it dry, apply two coats of the new toe color. Spray paint could also be used to create the same effect.

Add Some Soul to Your Sole

The visible part of the soles of heels can sometimes start looking a bit rough and unsightly after a while. Paint over the sole with a vibrant color to jazz up the heels and hide the wear. This is a job that can be easily done using nail polish as well. Just be sure to clean off the soles with rubbing alcohol and prime the surface with white nail polish.

Rhinestones and Jewels Add Some Sparkle

You can super glue rhinestones and small jewels to add a bit of glitz to your old plain pair of heels. Either go subtle with just a few to catch the eye, or go wild and be liberal with the patterns.

Heel Wraps

Whether you need a fix for worn heels or just need to revamp old stilettos into something more exciting, heel wraps are going to come in handy. Convert the shoes into a two-toned pair with solid color wraps, or add a flair of style with leopard print or zebra print heels.

Heel Candy Wrap’s solution to old scuffed heels is easy to apply, considering it is a DIY high heel shoe repair. Available for different heel styles and in glossy as well as matte finish, they are the perfect way to reinvigorate old heels into ones that look like a brand new pair!


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