You’re walking down the sidewalk and suddenly – it happens – the heel of your favorite patent pump sinks down into a crack and you cringe. Dreading what you might see, you slowly peek at the back of your heel. Sure enough, the once perfectly shiny leather is now ruined. Maybe you’re headed to an interview, a big meeting or a wedding, but no matter where you’re headed, you know you have to fix it – and fast.

We’ve all attempted to camouflage that messed up heel, or worse, we go ahead and wear the scuffed heels hoping no one notices. What if there was a better way?

Get your fix with Heel Candy Wraps!

Heel Candy Wraps are simple to apply and made of durable, eco-friendly materials right here in the USA. The wraps can last for months meaning you can keep wearing that favorite pair of heels, worry free! With dozens of styles, including solids and patterns, to choose from, it’s a fun and easy way to match your heels to your outfit and create a personal look that is uniquely you. Whether you’re feeling sweet or sassy, Heel Candy has your flavor.

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After years of patching and coloring the scuff marks on her heels with everything from markers to tape, Haven and Scott created Heel Candy Wraps giving you unique heel wraps specifically designed to bring those favorite pumps back to life – and give them style and flair with your personality.

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