Add Grace to your Walk – Tricks to Walking in High Heels

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Tricks to Walking in Heels

It just takes a walk down the plaza to make you realize how depleted your high heel collection is.  With new collections coming out every other day, there’s no way you can keep up with the latest trends.

As if that wasn’t problem enough, there’s the issue of walking in high heels. Let’s be honest!  We’re no runway models who can strut around in insanely high heels and make it look like child’s play. Tricks to Walking in Heels 2Most of the common folk think twice before buying half the shoes that these models showcase on a daily basis.

But if they can do it, it wouldn’t be that difficult, right?

Giving yourself that supermodel makeover comes at a price and it’s not just about the blisters and sores.  It’s the disoriented and hobbling walk that gives you away.  It’s okay though.  Almost every person has gone through this but no more!

Even though it’s no child’s play, walking in high heels gracefully is not a dream anymore.  With a few well explored tips, you too can take on the world with high heels.  What you need to know is the real scoop, and here it is, at your disposal.


Wear The Right Shoe Size

You must have heard this one a lot.  But what does it really mean?

Some people think a fit shoe is one that feels a bit tight.  This keeps the foot from slipping forward.  Well, that’s where they are wrong!  You shoe size should always be based to accommodate your longest toe.  The ball of your foot should rest on the widest part of the shoe.  Pay heed to this piece of advice and say goodbye to uncomfortable shoes.

Take small steps

No need to rush.  That’s only going to make you look awkward.  That lunch can wait and nothing’s worth a trip to the hospital.  Take it slow and take small steps.  These small steps are great at maintaining your balance and also give you an air of confidence.

Get Help from Shoe Inserts

Nobody’s going to know a thing and you can easily get away with it.  These shoe inserts are especially made for high heels and provide you the added stability and comfort you need.  The oval High Heels and a Viewshaped pads go under the ball of the foot and prevent your foot from sliding forward.  With this steadiness, you’ll also be able to avoid blisters and sores.

Work on the Posture

The easiest way to spot an amateur sporting high heels is through their posture.  What most people fail to realize is that the body needs to work with your legs.  Having the right posture can help you gracefully breeze through the day.

To maintain the right posture, try leaning back a little.  In an attempt to move faster, people try and compensate it by leaning forward.  This gives them an awkward craning look.

So now you know!  Whoever thought that walking in heels with an air of elegance was impossible should do a double take and try these tricks.

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