Animal Print Heels: What to Wear

Animal Prints - What to Wear

With animal print heels, it’s important to start with the shoes when formulating an outfit for the day. Keeping the shoes as the main focus, decide an outfit around them, rather than pairing them up randomly with an ensemble. You can go the simple route and show off the print with plain, solid color clothes, or take the eccentric route and stand out with bold fashion statements.

Mix and Match Prints

You’re already going bold with the animal print sandals, why not go bolder? Incorporate other prints into your look, mixing and matching to create a trendy outfit. You can mix up zebra prints in your clothes with leopard heels, or wear a cheetah print belt with your zebra printed stilettos. You can even incorporate other prints into your outfit to go with the animal print shoes, such as plaid, check, stripes, polka dots, e.t.c.

Leopard Print

Leopard Print High Heel ShoesLeopard print clothes have always been in fashion, even when they’re not. A lot of people like to play it safe and stay away from such bold prints. But if you’re curious to experiment a bit, leopard print shoes are a good way to start small. They still make a bold statement, and paired with the right get-up. Solid color clothes in tones of black, brown, and warm beige would work the best with leopard print pumps. A nice tan dress will draw the eye to the warm tones of the leopard print. Even a beige overcoat over a simple blue jeans and t-shirt can be a nice touch. Don’t shy away from incorporating a little more leather into your look. Maybe a leopard print purse or belt? Red clothes – like a stark red dress or red jeans – work a whole lot of fashion magic when paired with leopard print heels!

Zebra Print

If you’re wearing zebra print heels then you’ll naturally want to make that the focus of your ensemble. It’s a bold choice, and the fashion savvy can have a whole lot of fun with it.

Zebra print works best in a monochromatic theme. Pairing the shoes with and all white or an all black outfit will make those zebra pumps really pop. A black dress with white accents could do the trick, or a plain white t-shirt with black jeans if you’re going for something more casual.

However, you don’t necessarily have to go black and white just to pull this print of. Wearing a vibrant solid color like green, purple, or red can be a great idea, specifically when pairing the heels with a dress.

Animal prints aren’t for everyone. But it doesn’t hurt to experiment with bolder fashion statements from time to time. If you’re unwilling to shell out money for a pair of pumps that are entirely an animal print, then heel wraps might be what you’re looking for.

Heel Candy Wraps offers wraps for the heels of your stilettos or pumps, available in all kinds of patterns. These include animal prints as well! By investing in an animal print heel wrap, you can test out the print as a slight accent to your whole ensemble.

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