How To Apply Your Wrap

Application Instructions

  1. Clean heels to be repaired with alcohol wipe, make sure your hands are free of oils etc.
  2. Fold Heel Candy wrap in half (color side out) lengthwise creating a crease.
  3. Place wrap at top of your heel, measure and mark at the top of the heel tap – cut off excess material.
  4. Unfold and remove the backing material from one half of the wrap.
  5. Align the crease with the ‘middle’ of the heel and press the wrap onto the heel smoothing as you go.
  6. Using a blow dryer, gently heat half of the wrap material (about 2 – 3 seconds should do).
  7. Press wrap onto heel using your fingers to smooth the crease and form wrap around the shape of the heel.
  8. Starting in the middle of the heel, gently stretch and press the material around your heel, slightly wrapping to the inside.
  9. Using a nail file, ‘scuff’ the wrap – at the edge that wraps around the side of the heel – to remove excess material.
  10. Apply a little heat and pressure to the edges of your wrap to ensure it is bonded to your heel.

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