What is "correct" application?

“Correct” application means that it is highly recommended that you follow the application instructions provided on the website or in the package which are: (You can Click here to watch our installation video).

  1. Apply heel wraps to a clean and dry heel free of dust, fingerprints and debris.
  2. Use heat and press firmly
  3. Make sure the heel wrap is on the heel of the shoe only.
  4. Make sure edges are firmly sealed on all sides of the heel.

What if I ordered the wrong wrap for my heels?

Click here for returns/exchanges policies.

How long will the heel wraps last?

As with any normal wear and tear on shoes, there is no time determination on how long it may take you to scuff up your heels. With proper application, your wraps should adhere to your heels for months. You can remove them or simply apply a second wrap over the top of the first.

How do I remove the heel wraps?

The heel wraps are easy to remove. Simply lift an corner or edge of the wrap and gently peel off. If you applied a heel wrap on top of another heel wrap, carefully lift the corner or edge of the top layer leaving the other wrap intact.

Do I have to use heat to apply my heel wraps?

You can use a blow dryer set on the lowest air flow setting to gently heat your heel wrap. Heating the wrap will make it more flexible and easier to conform to your shoes heel. The heat also helps activate the adhesive allowing the wrap to adheer to your heel better.

Can I use other tools to cut my heel wraps?

We recommend using a nail file or scissors as suggested in the instructions. It is your choice to use other tools to cut your heel wraps.

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