Go Retro – Types of Heel that Complete Your Vintage Look!

What could be considered as vintage shoes? It’s somewhat a matter of perspective—shoes commonly in trend during the eras preceding that of the 21st century have now come to be considered as vintage.

Whether it’s the roaring twenties or the funky seventies you want to emulate in your ensemble, there are plenty of heels out there, currently in vogue, which can help you bring your vintage look to completion.

Polka Dot Pumps

A pair of quirky polka dot heels are perfect for pulling off a flirty and sweet fifties getup! If you’re going for the vintage dress with the stockings, polka dot pumps are really going to bring the look together. This pattern is trendy and timeless, and recreates a certain nostalgia that takes us back to simpler times.

Frills and Fancies

Add a little bit of embellishment with frills and dainty florals, and you’ve got a great recipe for some go-to retro style heels. No matter the style, some washed out delicate florals and flowers are going to help you really round off your vintage inspired ensemble!

Mary Janes

Mary Janes and heels with wide buckle straps are great for going retro with style! They really bring out the old in old school, and give off the innocent but snarky vibe.

Bold and Bright

Nothing says the eighties like colors that are in-your-face bold, and give off a whole lot of personality. A lot of it is also about the combination of bright, neon colors that seem to clash yet go together like nothing else.

Platform Power

Some solid elevation with platforms is a great call back to the sixties and the seventies, with the hippies, the yuppies, and the disco fanatics. Whether you want to play it low key with block heels, or go all out with sturdy, imposing platforms, your retro chic fashion statement is bound to be a head turner.

Any regular heel wearer knows the trials and tribulations that come with running around in heels.

There is dirt, scuffs, and unsightly marks to contend with, that ruin your heel and leave bitter disappointment in their wake. A solution is not so far out of reach—heel wraps are the best DIY high heel shoe repair method out there!

Our Heel Candy Wraps’ online store offers a varied and off-the-wall selection of prints and patterns to reinvent your old or damaged high heels. Not only is it an accessible remedy to worn out shoes, you can get creative with heel wraps and retro revamp any old pair of heels too!


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