How to Glam up any Boring Outfit

Are you bored and tired of your everyday clothes? Looking for a new look but don’t know how and where to start? Do you want to be trendy but are on a budget as well? Look no further because you don’t need to go out there and spend hundreds of dollars on new clothes when you can easily just make a few changes to your wardrobe and glam up your look.

There are so many women who have literally hundreds of different clothes and accessories yet they still have an average look. The key is to accessorize your clothing and even one accessory can totally change the way you look. You no longer have to dress  like a plain Jane when you can follow these easy fashion hacks:

  1. Belt

Wearing a long dress or top?  Wear a belt over it to give your outfit a new look. The belt will add dimension to your frame and also accentuate your upper body curves. You can wear a chunky belt with a designed buckle or a thin belt that just makes your top more form fitting. Whatever you choose, the belt will work its magic. Take your partner’s office shirt and wear a fancy belt, it will give you a chic office look.

  1. Heels

Let’s not forget one of the most essential items in a woman’s closet. You would be surprised to know how one pair of heels can transform the entire look of an outfit. They are really versatile and can make even the most vanilla attire instantly fabulous. If you want to spice up the look of your plain heels, then adding heel wraps of various colors to them also works like a charm. So even if you are feeling lazy or tired, a lipstick and pair of heels is all you need to glam up for a night out with your girls.

  1. Statement necklaces

They do exactly what the name says: make a statement. The reason why statement necklaces are now more popular than ever and will never be out of fashion is because of their ability to make plain old and monochrome tops into notable fashion pieces. They can be worn on different tops, dresses, shirts and you can never go wrong with wearing one no matter what the occasion.

  1. Jackets

It doesn’t matter whether it is a leather jacket, bomber jacket or a denim jacket. Jackets, besides adding an extra layer, add an extra edge to your attire. You can experiment with different styles of jackets to create your own personal style. Jackets are perfect for those days when you want to wear a boring old top and don’t want to change into something else. Adding a cool leather or bomber jacket will automatically change your look.

  1. Infinity scarf

Adding a scarf to your simple outfit will add a certain charm to it. No longer are scarves restricted to winter or to hipsters, because there are literally more than a dozen ways to wear them.

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