Important Tips for Fixing Cracked Heels

Cracked or Scuffed heels of your favorite pair of stilettos got you down? You don’t always have time to run down to the shoe repair shop, so some at-home fixes may need to get the job done from time to time. Here are a few tips for when you’re got some heel fixing to do.

Fixing Small Marks

If you have a few unsightly nicks on your heels, that’s easily fixable! This of course, depends on the material of the shoes. For leather or vinyl heels, you can cover up these marks with nail polish. Get the color closest to that of the shoes and dab a small amount of nail polish to hide the damage. You can even just fill in the marks with a permanent marker. Make sure to coat those areas with a clear coat of transparent nail polish!

Stubborn Scuffs

There are some scuff marks that are too big to be willed away with a tiny amount of nail polish. For these, you have to clean your pumps first to ensure it isn’t just dirt that can be easily wiped away. For the most intense scuff marks, it’s convenient to just send them off to the shoe repair shop and get them back good as new. However, scuff marks can easily be treated at home. Erasers are a great way to help the scuff disappear – particularly on leather and suede heels. Another quick and nifty way to cover up a scuffed heel is by using heel wraps, available at our Heel Candy Wraps shop web page. Easy to apply, they can transform you heel into practically brand new.

Shoe Glue Magic

black-and-white-woman-shoes-stilettoShoe glue is a special adhesive for shoe repair that has a flexible but firm bond. This can be a great aid when indulging in do it yourself high heel shoe repair. You can use it to reattach rubber soles or patch up pesky holes and cracks by filling them in with the adhesive. The applications are quite versatile, but it mostly works on rubber, canvas, leather and vinyl shoes.

To prolong the life of your heels as long as possible, alternating days you wear them is imperative. The rate at which the heels are damaged increases the more you wear a certain pair of shoes, so it’s a good idea to lay off a pair of shoes if you really like them instead of wearing them every day and running them into the ground. However, the odd mishap is bound to happen. That’s why heel wraps are an affordable and easy solution. Not only do they provide a quick fix, they also allow the wearer to expand and explore their sense of style – our shop has heel wraps in various patterns and animal prints heel wraps available as well!


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