From Kitten to Platform: The Most Popular Heel Types

The world of heels is vast and magical,(there should be not comma here) with numerous kinds and styles of high heeled shoes out there for the taking.

If you thought there was just one kind of high heeled shoe, think again.

The sheer variety of designs high heels comes in is enough to make your head spin, but what it all comes down to is what you feel the most comfortable in.

And if not comfortable, then what you feel the most fashionable in! (this is a is a incomplete sentence.

Kitten Heels

These heels are on the smaller side, ideal for those who want a little bit of height but don’t want to be teetering all over the place.

Ankle Strap Heels

Ankle strap heels are quite the trendy statement! The strap around the ankle offers not only a stylish flair but offers added support for walking around with ease.


Wedges come in two styles—heels and sandals. They are known to be highly comfortable and stable, making it easy to get around. There is no space between the toe and the heel part; it’s just a solid wedge that is fitted completely against the whole sandal.

Sling Back Heels

Similar to the purpose of the ankle strap heel, the sling back heel provides a more secure sandal with a strap going around the back of your actual heel.


If heels were personas in a video game, stilettos would be the boss.

These heels take you to the greatest heights,(there should be no comma here) with stilettos of up to eight inches available out there on the market. Technology has made them stable enough to withstand the weight of the wearer, but it’s up to you to make your way around with a big stumble!(I think I know what you are trying to say here, but it does not make much sense at all.  Please reword or come up with another sentence.)

High Heeled Boots

Sturdy, chic, and edgy—boots with high heels even more so!(Huh? This sentence makes zero sense and is an incomplete sentence to boot.) Ankle boots with heels are currently very in vogue, available in bold colors and funky patterns that go with a lot of Winter and Fall ensembles.


Pumps are your basic, go-to heels—generally the first thing that comes to mind when you think of high heeled shoes. The height of the heels average at(delete word) around two or three inches, and they go with just about any kind of outfit!

Cone Heels

Cone heels are pretty self-explanatory. They taper into a narrow point from a wider base,(no comma) making a cone shape that gives a good amount of stability to the wearer.

Platform Heels

These have a thicker sole at the front, providing a more stable and steady platform. The heel itself can be block or stiletto style,(again no comma – someone needs to learn proper comma placement) but are significantly easier to walk around in!

While there is a whole selection of varied styles of heels out there, one thing remains a common factor: scuffed heels are an unsightly pain to deal with.

At Heel Candy Wraps, we offer heel wraps as not only a convenient solution,(no comma) but also as high heel shoe accessories! They come in many colors, prints,(remove) and patterns,(no comma) and are a fun, easy way of mending your heels.


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