Making Heels Comfortable: Difficult but Not Impossible

Heels and comfortable are two words you rarely see together. Unless, of course, you’re whining about how your new heels are the complete opposite of comfortable. Not to worry though, because there are a few solutions to your aching feet woes.

Your heels will never be as comfortable as the old pair of sneakers you own, but there are ways to make them much easier to wear!

Gel Soles are Your New Best Friend

Silicone gel inserts are a certified blessing in the world of shoes and foot pain. Gel soles are generally a great preventive measure when it comes to heel and knee pain.

Luckily enough, there are gel sole inserts created specifically for heels, and provide the necessary support needed.

Straps and Buckles

Heels with straps and buckles can be annoying to put on and take off in a hurry. However, the long-term benefits far outweigh this short-term inconvenience. With adjustable straps, you can ensure your foot doesn’t slip too much in the shoes.

Moleskin Fix

Using moleskin patches to cover up any spots in your heels that are giving you a hard time is a quick fix for pain. The texture of moleskin is of soft cotton, and won’t stick to your feet the way band-aids tend to do.

Get Sized Properly

Make sure to get your shoe size measured if you’re heading out shoe shopping after a considerable long time. Shoe sizes can differ slightly depending on shoe style as well, so for some heels you may need to get a size up or down.

Toe Taping Hack

This hack can be a bit difficult to wrap your head around, but toe taping truly works! This involves taping your third and fourth toes together before you slip your feet into your heels. It’s been proven to immensely improve the pain of walking in heels, allowing you to wear your heels for longer than usual.  It may work like a magic trick, but there is a science behind it. By taping the two toes together, a nerve that is connected to foot pain gets the support it needs!

Walk the Walk

If you’re walking in heels, you cannot be walking the way you do in sneakers or flats. There’s a method to the madness—walking in heels is vastly different. Take smaller strides, and you’ll find it’s much easier on your feet, giving you a smoother glide.

While comfort is king, there’s no replacing style. A worn down heel with scuff marks just isn’t going to cut it. For a quick fix, heel wraps are a great solution!  Visit Heel Candy Wraps to find the perfect do it-yourself wrap to spruce up your damaged heels in a jiffy



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