The Silver Daze – Choosing the Perfect Shoes with Silver Dresses

Silver Heels Dress

Matching Shoes with Silver Dresses

Who doesn’t love a bit of drama? And the best way to create drama with your attire is to don a silver dress!

You might be ready to rock the silver look and dazzle the dance floor or an event.  The only thing that makes this choice a bother is deciding on what shoes to wear.  And if you are a shoe lover like many others, you wouldn’t want to settle for just anything.  What you need is expert advice and you’ve come to the right place.

Now that you’ve decided you need help, it’s time to get started.  There are plenty of shades to choose from; 50 shades of Silver! This guide will help you choose the best shoes that go with all of these shades.  However, at the end of the day, just go for the color that adds sparkle to your already radiant appearance.

The Black Knight

Black HeelsWhere many people think that black is a basic color, they forget to consider the class and charm this ‘basic’ color can add.  Most of the colored dresses can benefit from this color but pair it up with a silver dress and you have a winner.  If you have a sequined or sparkly dress, go for a more matte look with your shoes.  Velvet and suede would also work perfectly!  And you can go for the glossy ones when your dress is simple and plain.  Well, to tell the truth; no silver dress can be plain and simple as long as you have a pair of black high heels to glam up the attire.

The Queen of Hearts

Red heels and PearlsWant an attention grabbing attire?  Have it by accessorizing your silver dress with red high heels.  The bright red addition to the soft contrast of your dress makes your feet stand out.  With so many colors of red to choose from, you surely won’t go wrong on this one!  If you have a lighter shade dress, pair it up with bright red heels.  For the darker shades, burgundy hues will work best.  Go for the same shaded accessorizes and viola!  You’re ready to shine!

Go Metallic

Silver Heels DressSilver dress with silver high heels?  Doesn’t really feel like the best couple, does it?  You wouldn’t know for sure unless you try it out!  You might be surprised how flawlessly the two match.  You can go for the same shade of high heels as your dress.  This will create a flowing look that is just spectacular.  Or take a chance and wear contrasting high heels, just remember to keep either one a tad bit less sparkly than the other.  Feeling adventurous?  Ditch the silver and go for all white.

Breeze through the day with these dazzling combinations. After all, you do have the power to conquer the world, as long as you have the right shoes. So don’t let this chance of making a bold statement escape you. Grab it with both hands and dazzle all the way through!

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