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High Heel Sore Feet

Dealing with High Heel Hangover

The night out with your friends was a success. The food was delicious, the wine had just the right amount of bubbles and the restaurant had the most gorgeous ambiance. Although the evening went well, you still anticipate a hangover.

Tomorrow morning is going to bring about the worst hangover of all. Not because you drank too much, but because of the high heels that add grace to your appearance but also have the ability to bring you to your knees. You’ll have to deal with a ‘high heel hangover’ (yes this is a reality).

Watching women don high heels on TV and do everything under the sun can make you feel invincible, too. But if you happen to look at behind-the-scenes of these movies and shows, you might get to see the actors soaking their feet to relieve that killer foot pain.

So, if you too are a victim of high heel hangover, this blog will help you out.

It’s important to take care of the pain before it turns into anything serious. And if you wish to wear those high heels again, you better start doing something about that foot pain.

Patch Them Up

Tight high heels can easily cause blisters on your feet. So can ill-fitting shoes. Check your feet for any blisters. If there are any open wounds, treat them with a disinfectant. Make sure the wound stays clean. Putting on a band aid would help with that.

Feeling the urge to pop some of those blisters? Don’t even think about it! Leave your feet at peace and move on to the next step.

Soak Them Up

The easiest and most effective remedy for sore feet is to give them a hot bath of their own. Get a tub full of warm water and let those feet rest for a while. The heat is a great help in relaxing muscles, although the water might sting your feet for a while. This can happen if you have any blisters.

Want to step up the level of relief? Add a few drops of essential oils and bask in the therapeutic aroma.

Foot Massage

It’s time to pamper your feet and what other way to do that but with a foot Relieve Foot Painmassage! Foot reflexology and massages don’t just help to relieve pain but also reduce anxiety and stress. With regular foot massages, you can boost your health and rehabilitate injuries. Get your appointment and enjoy the sensual bliss that foot massages have to offer. And before you know it, you’ll be back to your daily routine, rocking those high heels you love.

Let Them Rest

It’s time to let those tired, sore feet rest. The best way to go about this is to stay natural and go bare feet. Whenever you want to go outside, make sure you wear comfortable flat shoes. You can still look gorgeous in flats and anyway, your feet need their rest. You’d have to go for shoes that have the least contact with your feet.

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