Winter to Spring: The Best Heels for Every Season

The Best Heels for Every Season

For women all over the world, high heels are serious business.  With an enormous variety in heel styles and plenty of patterns to choose from, finding the best heels for every season is getting a little easier.  But – your strappy summer sandals just aren’t going to cut it when autumn and winter roll around. The fashion conscious will want to be prepared for all seasons. Lucky for them, we’ve got a few suggestions on how to decide which heels are your summer jam and which ones should be reserved for the winter months.


Summer and spring are open season for open-toed sandals and peep-toe heels. The warm breezes and the shining sun means you can give those feet some room to breathe and enjoy the summer air.

Strappy sandals are, for this reason, the best summer heel options. Spring is very obviously the time for floral-patterned heels. It will give any outfit a fun, light-hearted touch. When it comes to colors, go bright and bold! Vibrant hues of pink, red, purple, yellow, or green will add a spring to your step and a flirty flair to your ensemble. Summer and spring call for a lot of walking around in the heat, and city sandals are your best bet for a comfortable trek to work.


With the chill of winter and the threat of slush on the ground, open-toe stilettos are out of the question. Unless you’re impervious to the cold and won’t freeze your precious toes off. High heel boots are going to be your best friend in this season! Leather ankle boots with high heels in deep black and brown shades will go with any winter or fall season look.

Suede wedges and booties will make walking around in the snow much easier, all while looking chic. Fall is easy enough to handle, but there is the very real threat of rain. With winter, however, it’s all about the ice and the snow and the slush. Look for smaller heels that are designed to be durable and easy to move in. You’ll even find plenty of options if you search for waterproof heels!

If you’re investing so much into the heels in your life, you’ve got to be prepared for when they take a few hits. Damage to the heels comes with the territory, especially if you’re out and about in them during the winter months. Companies like Heel Candy Wraps offer great solutions for scuffed and scratched heels that are fast and effective! Heel wraps are a DIY solution for your high heel shoe repair needs. Browse through their selection online and have a handy fix at the ready whenever you need it!

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