Treating Your Feet Right

Treating Your Feet Right Soak them up

Feet Care – Defining Beauty

Beauty is beyond just a pretty face. Since our feet are the horsepower that make us run, it’s important to take great care of them. Most people pay extra attention to their face and in the struggle to be the epitome of beauty; the poor feet are left neglected.

Your feet should be the recipient of some serious TLC. When you can work for a summer body, why not aim for summer feet too. After spending the whole season of winter smothered in socks and boots, your feet would need that extra touch of care. Even during summers, wearing high heels can cause your feet to go through some changes. And the only way to make sure they don’t get all dry and cracked up is by taking additional care of them.

A spa would do wonders for your feet and helps to rejuvenate and refresh you. But before you decide to splurge on feet care, read about the simpler stuff that you can easily do at home. Through these effortless tips, you can ensure the health and beauty of your feet.

The Hot Bath

Doesn’t a hot bath relax your tired body after a long day of work? Hot water and essential oils is the perfect combination to add new life to your tired self. Do that for your feet at least once a week to relieve the foot pain that results from wearing heels. Most people go for Epsom salts. Although effective, they are too drying. Use essential oils instead, especially the ones with skin softening properties. Lavender, basil and lemongrass are some great examples.

Soap them up

The next time you take a bath, make sure you give your feet their due attention. Wash them thoroughly and make sure you wash between the toes as well. This is the best time for some feet care because the skin is exfoliated and soft. You’d be able to easily remove any dirt particles. Once you’re done, pat your feet dry and make sure you get rid of the moisture between the toes. Make this your daily routine and you can prevent and even lessen problems like odor, fungus and athlete’s foot.Pamper Your Feet

Switch it up!

Cramping your feet in the same shoes everyday of the week is bound to cause some problems for you. It’s better to switch it up and go for comfortable options too. Alternate between the shoes and make sure you change those socks/stockings at least once a day. If healthy feet are your ultimate goal, make sure they smell good too!

Get the Right Heels

Treat your Feet Right - toes and allUnless you are planning on walking for the Paris Fashion Week, make sure you get comfortable heels. Stilettos look great but after a day of walking around in those babies, you’ll have a killer high heel hangover. Wide high heels are a better alternative and even then you should alternate heel height regularly. That’s a sacrifice you need to make for healthy feet!

See? There’s nothing much in these tips and yet you’ll get to feel a great difference. With pain-free and healthy feet, you can finally conquer the world (figuratively of course!).

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