The Ultimate Guide to Taking Care of Your High Heel Shoes

Any shoe you want to be wearing for a long time is going to need proper care and maintenance. High heels require maintenance especially so, since a lot of them tend to be quite on the delicate side, particularly ones that come with embellishments.

The heels part also tends to be quite exposed to wear and tear, so it’s good to have a solid plan of action for taking care of your collection.

Heel Hygiene

If you want them to last as long as possible, then you have to keep them clean. Dust off and wipe away any dirt or debris the moment it accumulates, and use special sprays for cleaning, according to the material they’re made of. Whatever method you use to remove stains, ensure they aren’t damaging the color or material of the shoe in the process!

Air Them Out

If a pair of high heels is feeling a little damp from the rain or maybe letting out a distinctly nasty odor, let them sit out and breathe for a night or two. Use baking soda to eliminate smells, and put them in a cool, dry area when airing them out.

Proper Storage

Invest in a proper sectioned shoe rack so that you can store the high heels in a good environment. If you don’t have proper storage methods for your shoes, that will result in them lying about in various places where they may get worn out or damaged. Get a sturdy shoe organizer and keep those shoes safe!

Keep up with Repairs

Shoes prop us up throughout the day, going through a lot of wear and tear as we walk about. Damages are bound to occur.

You can prevent potential damage to the tips of the heels by using heel stoppers, but some scuffs and nicks are difficult to avoid. Rather than throwing them out at the first sign of disrepair, you can find many ways to make them as good as new, at very little cost. Take them to a cobbler or invest in some high heel shoe repair products.

We at Heel Candy Wraps present you with one such option for DIY high heel shoe repair! Heel wraps are not only a great way to repair the heels of your pumps in a pinch, but can also be used as high heel shoe accessories.

Read our FAQ to find out all you need to know, and head on over to our shop for your fashionable quick-fix to heel damage!


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