Ways to stretch shoes for a better fit

Heels need stretching

You’ve been busy the whole day, running around and it was only when you take off your high heels do you realize the problem. You bought a new pair of high heels that you have eyes on for quite a while. And in the morning rush, you hurriedly wore them to work. The only problem here is that you forgot that they were too tight.

The day was a disaster, to say the least and you had to bear the pain that only tight high heels can cause. The blisters also added to the agony.

Breaking into new shoes can be quite painful but there seems to be no escape from it. If you need better fitting shoes, you have to buy ones that are a bit small. This way you can easily stretch them out and get a perfect fit. It’s a pity Cinderella didn’t know the trick.

Let’s take a look at some easy tricks that can help you get those perfectly fitted shoes.

Shoe Stretching ToolVintage Shoe Stretcher

Clearly, you wouldn’t want your high heels to get damaged in the process and so you need to be careful. A shoe stretching tool can help you get the desired results and that too without any hard work.

To get the best experience, you should buy the two way shoe stretcher. It works as a shoe widener and lengthener at the same time.


Put some water in a zip lock and insert it in your shoes. Put the shoes in the freezer and forget them there overnight. In the morning, take them out and viola. Your shoes would have been successfully stretched. This technique works best to widen up the front part of a shoe.

Rubbing Alcohol

If there’s a minor difference in your shoes and your foot size, it’s recommended that you use rubbing alcohol. This is one fast-acting solution and you’ll be able to see instant results. Just soak a cotton ball with alcohol and rub it over the tight part of your high heels. Immediately, put on your shoes and walk around the room for a while. Wiggle your toes to add some more room.

This technique requires quick action since the rubbing alcohol dries pretty fast and if you don’t work fast, this trick would not work.

Blow Dryer

Blue Blow DryerThis simple device can do wonders for hair. As it turns out, it works superbly with shoes as well. All you need to do is wear some thick socks (the tighter the shoe, the thicker the socks should be). Put on your shoes and get started. Set your blow dryer on the hottest setting and blow the air towards the tight areas of the shoes. Wiggle around your toes to open up tight areas.

You can always go to a cobbler and get the job done but with these techniques, you’ll get satisfactory results. Try them out and save yourself the hassle.

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