Winter Season and Heels

Wearing Heels in Winter Main

Wearing Heels in Winter

The summer was well spent!  You finally let those high heels see the light of day but now you love them so much you don’t want to stuff them in the closet again.  Winter is coming and the walkers are …

Sorry!  Back to the discussion at hand.

It’s just winter.  What’s the worst that can happen?  Well, to tell you the truth; a lot!

Navigating through slippery slopes and even snow is hard enough.  Add high heels to the mix and you have the perfect recipe for disaster.  So does this mean that your high heels go in hibernation?

Thankfully, not!  This holiday season, you can still wear your high heels.  With your calendar packed with events and parties, this is the perfect occasion to flaunt those babies.

To make sure your high heels remain your companion throughout the year, we’ve come up with some tips.  Take these to heart and not even the snow would be able to deter your style.

Transition Shoes

Why go to all the trouble of hobbling across the slippery slopes in your Cute black pumps w ribbonheels?  Protect yourself from injury and your shoes from possible salt damage.  Need an easy solution?

Wear comfortable and water-proof shoes till you reach the destination.  If it’s feasible for you, you can just change into your high heels and make a bold statement.  If you can’t do that, no worries! There are still plenty of tips where this came from.

Go Flat

Unless you want to give up on your signature style and switch over to other heels, this is the best solution.  As long as you go for high heels that have a flat sole, you won’t have to forgo your desire for drama.  Platform high heels provide added stability and the reduced incline makes them less painful than other high heels.  These high heels are all you need to breeze through the day with comfort and style.

Jenny from the Block

Block heels are all the rage during winters so you should definitely add them to your wardrobe.  If an edgy look is what you’re all about this winter, then block heels are the perfect accessory.  Although the heels might be a bit more than what you initially wanted, go for the ones that provide optimum grip Sexy black pumps w latexand stability, and you’ll be alright.

Wedges over Heels

Nothing can beat the class and elegance of high heels quite like wedges.  If your idea of the perfect winter does not include a trip to the hospital for a sprained ankle, then wedges are the safest option.  The flat heels score 10/10 on stability and comfort, especially during winter.  Go for the strapped ones to get more comfort and stability.

Now, let this winter be the beginning of a new You!  Follow these tips and don’t let the cold season dampen your style.

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